Monday, March 17, 2008

my grandfather ( later found out this man was just only my grandmother's boyfriend, my actual grandfather was dead/ dying) is an artist. He lives with my grandmother on a little island called Trinidad, "seven miles away from Venezuela".Both my parents are also from there. They are now divorced. My Father lives in Florida. But really he lives on an airplane. NO REMORSE latley ive been thinking a lot about my past. not so much highschool, not so much middle school, but elementary school. I feel like I am in elementary school. If you are reading this and do not know me, Hello I am Joshua Padarathsingh! Im a student of Virginia Commonwealth University! I live and hate in Richmond Virginia. This place is great! I feel like I am in college! Life is so great now!

i live (currently) in a historic area of Richmond, Virginia called, Oregon Hill its supposed to be a superrr racist neighborhood. but it looks like im in the clear. I am a huge hit with the homeless/ handicapped. my father lives in florida. He is not so into it. The sun is crazyyy down there, I think that sun makes people go crazy. Florida sometime seems unreal. Its Flatness is nothing like Virginia. I have lived here since 2001. MILLENIA IN VAGINA. Im watching Conan, I got class at 8:45 and its drawing. I am in art school, and im currently learning how to fucking survive in a

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